Why Choose Prepped Wellness?

Prepped Wellness takes the whole thought process of how to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle! We do everything for you so all you have to do is eat!


Two Rules: Pick Food and Eat Food!


We prep exactly the amount of food you need. No more buying food just to let it go to waste.


All of our meals are clean, fresh, flavorful and tailored exactly to your lifestyle needs.

How It Works

Prepped Wellness is the cleanest, freshest, most flavorful meal prep company around! Now you have no reason to waste money, time or food on trying to do this yourself! We've created a process that's fast, simple and effective, all you have to do is simply select a package, choose from our delicious menu and submit. With dietitian curated recipes fit for any diet and lifestyle, there is no comparison with any meal prep company around! With our door-to-door delivery and no commitment necessary, Prepped Wellness is your personal meal prep service!


Simply select from our menu.


Submit your selected menu by Wednesday at midnight.


Take it on the go or heat it up at home. 


At Prepped Wellness, we believe in truly changing the lives of others! Starting with our Founder, Gino West, who lost 150 lbs and completely transformed his life for the better.. We believe every client, for any reason, has a meaningful purpose to becoming part of our movement. Some of the biggest changes in our lives can start with the smallest of steps. Our sole focus is to help you achieve your goals that will start you on your journey to a sustainable lifestyle change. Looking for a change? Join the movement today! #PrepforChange

What People Are Saying

Gino and Prepped Wellness helped me keep my nutrition on track while I maintained my workouts. He has helped me with portion control, fueling my body, and learning new recipes. Proof that healthy eating doesn’t have to be tasteless and boring!

Antoinette Riccitelli

As a busy professional, I found the exact solution to master healthy nutritious customized meals for my specific goals. I struggled for years to get the nutrition portion of working out. Gino took me to the next level, discussing my goals, workout program, and educating me on health. If you are interested in streamlining your meal planning, reducing time in the kitchen and grocery shopping, then sign up for this exceptional service in the area. Thank you for knowledge, understanding, and delicious meals, Gino!

Sumit Kovoor

Gino was extremely professional. He listened and responded to our specific tastes and adjusted accordingly. You can’t beat this model. A lifestyle chef in your home to help you stay on course. There’s no beating this convenience!

Nick Cannon

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