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Prepped Wellness Owner: Gino West

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Health and Wellness was not so much of a choice for me, as it was a calling. At age 17, my blood pressure had begun to rise and my blood glucose levels were increasing at an alarmingly high rate. At this point in my life I was too young to realize how quickly my health was diminishing, and as a teenager I felt I had more important things to worry about. On May 15th, 2009 - older and wiser, I stepped onto the scale and weighed in for the first time at 357 pounds. That moment opened my eyes to how unhealthy I actually was and I decided to do all in my power to change everything about myself. Having watched my sister struggle physically and emotionally through her bariatric lap band surgery, I knew that the only way I could be successful would be through hard work, dedication and positive motivation. I started small, took baby steps into having better portion control and making healthier choices in general. These small steps led to drastic changes in my life; I immersed myself in anything healthy there was to do, exercised like an animal, and changed my college major to begin my pursuit of the dietetic program at my university. What started as a self-motivated lifestyle change, evolved into an almost uncontrollable passion to be healthy. Persistence, hard work and dedication paid off, and living healthy became second nature. In eighteen months I lost 140 pounds and as my closest friends like to say, I left "fat Gino" in the dust. In retrospect, it took an unbelievable amount of dedication, work and determination to get to where I am. I don't regret a single day or experience I have endured. My journey changed my life and I have very big plans to help others change theirs.

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